Learning Center Classes

Yale's mission is to advance, disseminate and preserve knowledge. The Organizational Development & Learning Center supports this mission by improving the capabilities of the administrative staff and the University as a whole. The Learning Center creates learning opportunities and guides staff in improving organizational performance.
Access 2007 Level One
Access 2007 Level Three
Access 2007 Level Two
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Creating Forms
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional
Adobe Contribute CS5
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Level 1
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Level 2
Adobe Illustrator CS5: Level 1
Adobe Illustrator CS5: Level 2
Adobe InDesign CS5: Level 1
Adobe InDesign CS5: Level 2
Adobe Photoshop CS5: Level 1
Adobe Photoshop CS5: Level 2
Be Productive in Access 2007
Be Productive in Excel 2007
Be Productive in PowerPoint 2007
Be Productive in Word 2007
Business Writing
Computers Made Easy
Excel 2007 Level One
Excel 2007 Level Two
Excel 2007: Advanced Features
Excel 2007: Formulas & Functions
Excel 2007: Pivot Tables
Hiring International Faculty and Staff
HTML 4.01: Web Authoring - Level 1
Internet Basics
Outlook 2007 Level One
Outlook 2007: Beyond the Basics
PowerPoint 2007: Level One
PowerPoint 2007: Level Two
Recognition & Prevention of Sexual Harassment for NON-SUPERVISORS
Rev It Up Reading: How to Read Better & Faster On Paper & On-Screen
Slaying the Email Dragon
Understanding Database Design
What's New in MS Office 2007?
Windows XP: Level 1
Word 2007 Level One
Word 2007: Beyond the Basics
Word 2007: Creating a Table of Contents
Word 2007: Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
Word 2007: Mail Merge for Emails, Letters and Labels
Word 2007: Working with Tables

If you need user access to any of the following Oracle applications, please start the registration process by clicking here:  https://xtrain.its.yale.edu/xtrain/

C&T Casual and Student Payroll
Casual Employee Setup & General Employee Maintenance
Journal Staging Area (JSA)
Receipts Identification Form (RIF)
Labor Distribution

If you would like to sit in on any of the Oracle Classes listed above for informational purposes only (no access granted), please contact the Learning Center at 432-5660.