Copy to New Cart

Objective: To save time in locating previously ordered items, search for a previously created requisition and copy items to your current cart.

Key Points:

    • When creating a new order from history, consider adding the product to your favorites for future reference.

    • You can add a product to the in process requisition or automatically create a new requisition from history as shown here.

    • This is also a useful feature when you wish to resubmit a requisition that was rejected by an approver to save time in reconstructing and revising your order. (See Appendix 7b.)

Scenario: Copy a requisition that is not pending approval to a New Cart.

    1. Click “History” link on home page “Review” box

    2. Click “PR History” on menu tab in upper-left- corner of screen

    3. Click “by Requisition

    4. Click “Filter” check-box

    5. Click “My Orders

    6. Click “Start Date” calendar icon

    7. Go back one month and click on the first day of that month

    8. Click “Search” button

    9. Click Requisition Number link of a Requisition that is not still pending approval.

    10. Review the requisition’s “Summary” tab that lists items and quantity.

    11. On the Available Actions menu, ‘Copy to Cart’ appears. Click Go to copy all requisition items to a new cart.

    12. The copied items retain all characteristics (e.g., quantity, charging and shipping information) from the prior requisition. Edit the item details, including deleting those items not needed from the original.