Add Email Notifications

Objective: To establish settings in SciQuest to automatically receive email notifications regarding the status of your requisitions and purchase orders.

Key Points:

  • As a new user, opt to have more email notifications sent rather then less to keep you informed.
  • As time progresses, deselect any email types that you do not find helpful.
  • Remember that you can link directly to the requisition or purchase order in question from these emails.

Scenario: Select email preferences that will notify you as a Requester when either your individual purchase requisition lines or entire purchase order is rejected by your approver and, when your purchase order is sent to the supplier. (Approvers can additionally opt to have an email sent to them that informs them when a requisition is pending their action.)

1. Click “My Profile” on Menu Bar

2. Click “User Settings” tab

3. Click “Email Preferences (May Edit)” on sub-window menu bar

4. Click check box on each line where email notifications are needed

    Select “PR Pending Workflow Approval” …(sends email to approvers informing them of a requisition pending their action)

    Select “PR Line Items Rejected” …(sends to requisitioner)

    Select “PO Line Items Rejected” (sends to requisitioner)

    Select “PO Sent to Supplier” …(sends to requisitioner)

5. Click “Save” button